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Hello, we’re Miténgo Coffee, here to plant as many trees as we can through great tasting coffee! Unfortunately, at this time, we are not stocking any coffee. However, if you would still like to order then get in touch via email – info@mitengo.co.uk 

Miténgo Coffee boasts an exceptional single-origin blend of Brazilian coffee, perfect for those who seek the deepest connection with people and planet. Our supply chain starts with farmers who receive a fair price for their labour, which is well above the cost of production. At the core of our coffee is the drive to bring people and nature together, we do this through great-tasting coffee and the joy of tree planting, conservation and education.


“Miténgo” which translated from Chichewan, a Malawian language, means “Trees”.


The best time to plant a tree was years ago, the second-best time to plant one is now! By buying Miténgo Coffee you can make a direct contribution to tree planting and forest conservation in Malawi.

It’s also really easy for you to donate £2.90 to directly plant 10 trees or more using PayPal!

A big thank you to Santander Universities UK and the University of Chester Careers and Employability Team for supporting Miténgo!