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We’re passionate about connecting people and planet together here at Miténgo. We start with sourcing high-quality coffee ethically, meaning that the farmer gets a fair price for the coffee and the environmental considerations of our operations are at the centre of our philosophy. 

One of our partners in Malawi (Ripple Africa) have indicated that it costs around 25p to plant one tree (given the seed, soil, water, labour costs). In having this working estimate, we can better target our fundraising efforts. For every 250g of coffee sold we will donate 25p to tree planting projects. What is more, by using our unique Miténgo TreeMap you can see exactly where these trees are planted around the world!

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, we have made the decision to focus our efforts on tree planting and put the coffee on hold (this is likely to resume in Q1 of 2021). One way in which we have done this is the development of a new tree planting operation in central Malawi near the small village of Masuku. James, our field officer, is in the process of germinating seeds and establishing locations for tree planting in the near future. If you could support our tree planting project here that would be very much appreciated as James needs equipment and some compensation for his time (he is currently a small business owner who is volunteering his time during this key season for germinating seeds).

A farmer’s tree nursery in Malawi.  © Ripple Africa.